Thursday, 31 May 2012

Stega Hunts for Scout

Once upon a time Stega went hunting for Scout. He went hunting for Scout so he could make new friends. He wanted to make Scout his friend and all Scout's friends too. When he started hunting for Scout he thought hunting would actually not be a good idea, he thought looking for him would be better.
It was a dry place so Stega had to go and look into another country for loads of plants, because he was actually a herbivore. He found another country that had lots of plants in. The country was called Cretaceous Alberta. Then daspletosaurus tried to hunt stegosaurus but Stega had a deadly weapon at the end of his tail that was TOO deadly. Stega actually killed daspletosaurus because he was scared of him.
Stega actually had Scout with him all the time. They were friends all day long.
Then they went home.
The end.
Love from Charlie and Scout and Stega!

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