Friday, 19 April 2013

Astrosaurs Meet Stega

Thousands of years ago, lived Astrosaurs. They were nice herbivores. Astrosaurs were leaded by a really good diplodocus called Admiral Rosso.

There was a nasty carnivore called General Loki.

Once they met Stega, who also wanted to destroy Loki.

They tried and tried to find him but he was in a too good hideout. They found Loki but they just saw him when he was moving to another hiding place so they ran after him. The funniest Astrosaur, called Teggs, stayed behind to have a munch on some leaves.

When he went into that hiding place Teggs had finished munching on some leaves and so he grabbed him. Then he gave Loki a whack with his tail.

They sended Loki to space prison.

Then Teggs had his 7th lunch and it was only one o'clock!

The end.

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