Tuesday, 4 November 2014

One Halloween Night

One Halloween night, a boy went to a house trick or treating. But when the door opened, he saw... nothing!

He went inside, thinking the people inside might give him some sweets so he could have something.

But there was nobody.

He took a few steps inside and the door suddenly slammed behind him.

It was very cold and dark.

Then something ran and brushed his arm as it went past. He looked. There was still nothing.

Then it happened to his other arm!

He decided to go up the stairs, thinking there might be something upstairs.

This time something brushed against his back.

Still there was nothing.

But then a light suddenly came on. He saw something in a black suit, something four-legged wrapped in black bandages. The boy thought it was a ninja walking on all fours. He decided to go back downstairs, but then the light flicked on again and he saw the same sight, it was just a little bit smaller. He thought it was the same thing, just a smaller ninja.

Suddenly, it greeted him. He didn't know what it was. It turned out to be a tiger-ninja.

Then, he introduced the other tiger-ninja, who was his older brother.

Suddenly the door closed and neither of the tiger-ninjas had moved a muscle. He looked at the tiger-ninjas and they were frozen.

Suddenly, he saw something else. It wasn't four-legged. It was smaller and it was flying. Then he thought it was  witch.

Running out of the house, it looked like any normal house. He realised he had to help the tiger-ninjas so he went back to his own house and got a torch, a sword and a bow and arrow and a gun. Luckily it fit all on him. But only just. Then he filled himself with armour. Then went back to the house.

He saw the same sight again and again. Until finally he shot it with the gun and it noticed him. In the end, he knew it was a witch. They battled, but in the end the boy won.

Then the tiger-ninjas were unfrozen, though they were still very cold. He had to help them by warming them up.

The End.

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