Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Adventure Story

One day Draygon was in the musty old tavern. Draygon is a dragon paladin with gleaming gold armour and smooth matt gold skin. The mayor of the town was fat and short with ugly black hair and a bad personality. He said to the barman quietly, "Everyone will have to flee China if the volcano isn't stopped, as well as that war!"

Suddenly Draygon stood up (with a beer in his hand) and walked over to the barn next to the mayor and said "How does someone become a soldier?"

"Go to the barracks!" said the Mayor. 

Draygon went straight to the barracks and said to the person training him, "I've got a sword and I'm strategic, with quick movement."

"You pass!" he said and Draygon went to war.

A few days later, the war had ended, China had won but, oh no, the volcano was erupting! There were no escape boats left, but there was an escape plane just starting up. Draygon ran and with a few seconds, he managed to catch it.

The end.

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